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Fukushima nuclear waste still leaking into Pacific | Hawaii is Hot

Fukushima nuclear waste still leaking into Pacific

Bobby on September 20, 2013 · 79 comments

It’s been two years since an earthquake and tsunami took down a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan, but have any new regulations been installed to preve…

79 Responses to “Fukushima nuclear waste still leaking into Pacific”

  1. 62accent says:

    AH the arrogance of the human at it’s finest, they’ll kill every last one of us. hold these executives and tGovernent the people in charge accountabe, make them put on the suits and go to work cleaning it up, asif it can be but put them their anyway.

  2. peaceispossible80 says:

    That’s awesome. At this point it’s not an option for all Americans. When you have a little more money you can do things like this, but when you are living check to check (without all the extra mess that people buy) you can’t really afford to setup solar energy unless someone does it at a very discounted rate or for free. We don’t own a t.v. or all the extra things that are so common. We’d love to set up more sustainable energy methods, but can’t at the moment.

  3. Meowbay says:

    It is powered by solar energy, yes we have that here. I don’t have a mobile phone (don’t need it, to be honest).

  4. peaceispossible80 says:

    Aren’t you using a computer? Is it powered by a generator or electricity? Do you use electricity?

  5. Meowbay says:

    Idiots worldwide would not listen when we protested for this exact same subject in the late 70s in Amsterdam. Now who’s blaming the ‘annoying leftists’ that took it to the streets and tried to fight it? They’re all suspiciously silent about it, but we all know who was right. This goes for fossil fuel and human-caused CO2 rise as well. Let’s see how we end up with a world too hot to live in when the methane gets out and full of cancerous isotopes. Nice, thanks for ruining the planet for us.

  6. Meowbay says:

    They needed the electricity to answer to your insane demand for new chips, phones, computers, you name it. So they built reactors that were declared safe (by US experts by the way, you have 23 of these exact same plants in the US, mind you). Mistake could have been made by anyone. You try and go near it and solve this problem, it’s hard to find people prepared to risk their lives for that I kid you not. So weird, right?

  7. James Becker says:

    1:50 “You’d think they’d already have taken steps to contaminate this leakage.”

  8. VJ SWORD says:

    No one in California is concerned about radiation. Its like the debt ceiling, you just raise the levels of radiation that’s considered “safe”.”Don’t worry, Be HAPPY”! The illegal immigrants (“undocumented people”) will soon have “driver’s licenses” and the right to be “lawyers”!

  9. 防人 鹿島 says:

    Nuclear started in Hiroshima&Nagasaki on 1945 and it has stopped in Fukushima on 2011. 

  10. Toshirozawa says:

    She keeps misusing the word contaminate. She meaning to say containing/containment, it’s driving me nuts!

  11. Joe X says:

    Where was Mr Spock when we needed him?

  12. peaceispossible80 says:

    Why are we even using this type of energy? Surely the risk out weigh whatever benefits there are.

  13. ReddSouljah says:

    Chernobyl was bad enough.. this is already way worse.

  14. sideways48 says:

    its been 2 fcking years and they still haven’t stopped it?!?!

  15. TECpeds94 says:

    The US is also responsible. In fact the rest of the world shoudl get involved to help since its all our world. Jezz this shit is ridiculous!!!

  16. max printscreen says:

    god damm!!! japanese …. taking a fucking responsiblity!!!

  17. siyousyanamae says:

    Disturbing thyroid cancer rise in Fukushima minors
    August 21, 2013 Russia Today
    90 percent of those who are exposed to hazardous level of radiation don`t meet criteria for cancer screening provided by Tokyo Electric Power Company.
    The latest figures bring the number of children who have been diagnosed with having cancer to 44, up from 28 as of June. Of the 44, 18 have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and 25 others are showing symptom.

  18. Mike MacMillan says:


  19. Gradius2k says:

    Looks like we are all trully DEAD!

  20. MoarGh0sts says:

    see that sea monster that washed up on shore? dunn dun dunnnn

  21. MoarGh0sts says:

    we’re dead.

  22. commandorando123 . says:

    Your so right. It is on-going too and no end in sight. This will be the end of the pacific ocean as a food source.

  23. MrDanielwilliam says:

    It’s been leaking (and probably killing thousands) since day one. Wake up and smell
    the coffee people.

  24. siyousyanamae says:

    Fresh leak deepens Fukushima crisis
    PUBLISHED AUGUST 22, 2013 The Business Times
    Japan’s Kyodo news service reported that six more young people from Fukushima prefecture have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer since Japan’s worst nuclear accident occurred there in March 2011, bringing to 18 the number of cancer cases among people under 18 at the time of the incident. 25 other cases are also suspected.

  25. siyousyanamae says:

    Japan: 18 juvenile detected with thyroid cancer in Fukushima
    TeleRadio-Moldova 21 August 2013 | 16:03
    Tokyo Electric Power Company which manages the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, said that the wall built underground to slow leakage of contaminated water into the ocean could not halt the flow of radioactive water leaks.
    The number of confirmed cancer cases is currently 18, six more than in the previous report dating from June. The number of suspected cases increased from 15 to 25.

  26. Mattssalvage says:


  27. SameBasicRiff says:

    every video has a comment like this with a ton of likes, no is liking this shit, its a hack.

  28. Mattssalvage says:

    what spammers ?

  29. siyousyanamae says:

    Fukushima Children Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer
    Tokyo, Aug 21 (Prensa Latina)
    After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, two years ago, 18 children have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in that region.
    According to public broadcaster NHK, another 25 children may suffer this cancer.
    Experts said radioactive substances released during the accident can accumulate in children’s thyroid glands – increasing the risk of developing cancer.

  30. LondonNYLA says:

    Why are the Japanese electricity companies so incompetent? They might as well be living in an idiocracy.

  31. BlackfyreRoy says:

    contaminate the leakage

  32. SameBasicRiff says:


  33. RohakMultiplex says:

    It not in the nature of government bodies to address social issues to their people, so don’t expect for ANY form of government ANYWHERE in the world to keep their citizens informed.

  34. Don M says:

    Of course they would. Alarms for earthquakes are nothing new in a control room. And tsunami alarms. Big deal.

    If we disappear, you Luddites would be living in caves in the dark. No one has ever been injured or killed by radiation from a commercial nuke plant in the USA in the 400+ reactor years they have been operating. You can thank people like me for that beautiful record. You are welcome.

  35. reptilespantoso says:

    you idiot. alarms did go off. even inside the control room. this has been documented.
    the planet would be better off if genocidal maniacs like you would just disappear.

  36. CrudeDude says:

    I’m not the least bit confused.

    Answer my question:

    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a fossil-fueled plant explodes?

    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a nuclear power reactor explodes?

    How many thousands of years does the spent fuel from a nuclear plant need to be kept out of the biosphere?

    And a fossil-fueled plant?

  37. Don M says:

    I know you are confused. Don’t worry. Once the crack wears off you’ll be able to think again.

  38. CrudeDude says:


  39. CrudeDude says:

    I hear ya!

  40. gth won says:

    that contaminate the leakage thing . it’s gotta be a dub or something .. unless she really is a retard . i mean twice ??

  41. Aliiloa Silva says:


  42. CrudeDude says:

    “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy jointly announced that a network of federal radiation-monitoring stations had begun picking up traces of radioactivity attributable to the earthquake-damaged Fukushima reactor complex in Japan.”

    Friday, March 18, 2011

  43. CrudeDude says:


    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a fossil-fueled plant explodes?

    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a nuclear power reactor explodes?

    How many thousands of years does the spent fuel from a nuclear plant need to be kept out of the biosphere?

    And a fossil-fueled plant?

  44. mm ix says:

    how long will it take to get to cali?

  45. onodeara kaori says:

    However, The JPN gvmt & Media were keep saying “Don’t worry. nuclear plants 1 is not melt down. & it’s not emergency.’” over 1 month. Can you believe that? over 1 month The JPN gvmt & Media were keep telling a lie. Then, when the nuclear plants 3 was exploded, they finally announced nuclear plants 1 might be melt down. 2 years later now, The JPN gvmt & Media became silence and they are not so much announce about Fukushima, day by day. So that, we don’t know what’s happening at Fukushima now.

  46. onodeara kaori says:

    Yeah, You are right. The clever JPN people had written the comment on the SNS site asap the Big earthquake occured 3.11. like a…”Nuclear plants 1 is definitely melt down.” or “But more important & emergency is the nuclear plants 3 “. or “US gvmt was trying to cold shut down, US know how to do. But,The JPN gvmt refused US advice.” Anyway, clever JPN people already knew and had predicted that how it goes badly at that time.

  47. CrudeDude says:


    “The safety and reliability of nukes speaks volumes…”

    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a fossil-fueled plant explodes?

    How many square miles of land are rendered uninhabitable for hundreds of years when a nuclear power reactor explodes?

    How many thousands of years does the spent fuel from a nuclear plant need to be kept out of the biosphere?

    And a fossil-fueled plant?

  48. Don M says:

    One alarm among a whole slew of alarms sounded right after a major earthquake. The single monitoring system was probably damaged by the earthquake. If there was a cloud, a bunch of stations would have alarmed. They didn’t.

    The safety and reliability of nukes speaks volumes about how good an energy source they are.

    Wrap your one brain cell around that fact, Jack.

  49. CrudeDude says:

    First you said “That was a single alarm among a whole slew of alarms”

    Then you said ” And if only one alarms after an earthquake, not a bunch of them, then more likely than not the station was damaged.”

    Make up your feeble, irradiated, pro-nuclear mind. Which was it?

    One alarm?


    a slew of alarms?

  50. Don M says:

    The reactor is built much more robustly than the monitoring station. And if only one alarms after an earthquake, not a bunch of them, then more likely than not the station was damaged. Like I’ve said before, no one has been killed or injured by radiation from a commercial nuke plant in the USA in the 400 reactor years they have been operating.. I don’t need to promote them, their record clearly speaks for itself. I can explain it to you but I can’t make you understand.

  51. CrudeDude says:

    Yeah, the radiation monitor was “damaged in the earthquake”. Uh huh. Sure.
    Nice try.

    So a radiation monitoring station was “damaged by the earthquake” but Reactor #1 was NOT damaged by the earthquake?

    Makes perfect sense… to a nuclear apologist.

  52. trig1962 says:

    Of course, there are agendas being spun by the anti-nuke crowds over this case, but agendas are at work on both sides.
    The govt also has an agenda of keeping a lid on the severity, even if it’s extreme, as does the nuke industry.
    There are cases of seals losing fur in AK, along with having sores too.
    Those could be lies by these enviro-wackos (whom I never trust since they believe in the global warming hustle which in my opinion is just another way to tax us)
    Everyone lies, but Fuku is very bad.

  53. trig1962 says:

    Maybe you’re right.
    They may be rabid anti-nuke activists & there’s no added risk by having 3 reactors in total meltdown in Japan & having it waft towards the west coast of the US for two years…
    Who knows? Time will tell.
    But you do have to admit that if there were rising cancer rates that the government would be extremely reluctant to fan the flames of panic by mentioning it.
    I wouldn’t blame them since there is absolutely nothing that could be done aside from evacuating whole regions.

  54. Saad Qureshi says:

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  55. Don M says:

    That was a single alarm among a whole slew of alarms that surround the facility. If there really was a cloud of radiation, more alarms would have gone off. The one that went off was probably damaged in the earthquake.

  56. CrudeDude says:

    A monitoring post on the perimeter of the plant about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from the No. 1 reactor went off at 3:29 p.m., minutes before the station was overwhelmed by the tsunami that knocked out backup power that kept reactor cooling systems running, according to documents supplied by the company. The monitor was set to go off at high levels of radiation, an official said.

  57. R Morante says:

    i think its funny how american media claim japanese gvmt is hiding the truth when the american gvmt do that all the time. it is good to bring awareness but i wouldn’t trust the US gvmt either. just keeping that in mind as well. but back to the issue, nuclear power doesn’t seem like a reasonable energy source for japan anymore, since it has too many earthquakes/tsunami’s hitting the country. nuclear is japans only source of power so its no wonder they are trying to eventually restart the reactors

  58. Don M says:

    It’s true. The plants were operating just fine right after the earthquake. When the sea water went over the sea wall, that’s when things went south. Earthquake alarms were sounding, not radiation alarms.

  59. CrudeDude says:

    “The damage at Fuk was caused by the tsunami, not the earthquake”

    Yet ANOTHER laughably absurd statement by our resident nuclear apologist.

    Hey, Sparky- what caused the tsunami?

    And, BTW,  you’d better do your homework, Pal.

    Radiation alarms were sounding at Fukushima’s R1 BEFORE the tsunami struck.

  60. Don M says:

    Everything is “hazardous” to one degree or another. Air and water are hazardous in the wrong quantities or applications. Google “deaths per TWh of energy sources” and you will see how safe nukes are compared to other energy sources. MUCH safer than wind or solar.

  61. Don M says:

    No, they are recycled. They are not waste.

  62. CrudeDude says:

    “blah blah blah..it isn’t that hazardous.”

    Operative word-”that”.

    It’s still hazardous, just not “THAT” hazardous.

    Nice try.

  63. CrudeDude says:

    SO they ARE nuclear waste. Thanks for confirming.

  64. Don M says:

    Possible, but not probable. The damage at Fuk was caused by the tsunami, not the earthquake. Japan has always been seismically active yet earthquakes haven’t been damaged. Lessons learned by Fuk have been applied to US plants already. Once the Gen 3s start coming online they will be even safer.

  65. CrudeDude says:

    Glad you agree.

  66. Don M says:

    Nope. I’ve been a health physicist for 40 years and have a masters degree in radiologic health physics. You sound like a low information voter or 3 year old. Same thing. Did you even get a GED?

  67. Don M says:

    Yeah. Right.

  68. Don M says:

    Tritium is produced in the upper atmosphere by interaction with cosmic particles. Look it up. It is also a byproduct of fission. It is cheaper to produce it in reactors than harvest it from the air or seawater. That’s where the H3 comes from. And signs are supposed to be disposed of by returning them to the manufacturer, where the H3 is recycled, not disposed of.

  69. Don M says:

    Sorry, I’m retired so I have no financial ties to the industry. Obummer is expanding and supporting the nuke industry and about 8 new licenses to build new plants are approved. Remember, 20% of the electricity you use id generated from nukes. Not a single person has been killed or injured in the US by radiation from a commercial nuke plant in the 400 reactor years they have been operating. Can’t say that for any other energy source.

  70. Don M says:

    Again, they have an agenda. Scientific American is not saying it will, they said it could. EPA limits were raised bec it isn’t that hazardous. New scientific studies show that.

  71. Don M says:

    Sherman and Mangano are cut from the same cloth; rabid antinuclear activists. I wouldn’t believe anything those two conspire to publish.

  72. CrudeDude says:

    I’m glad you’re not in charge of MY health. It’s more than obvious, by your absurd pro-nuclear propaganda, that you are a nuclear shill who’s continued employment is dependent on the continuation of the dying nuclear industry.

  73. Don M says:

    Nothing happened at Diablo Canyon. What are you talking about?

  74. CrudeDude says:

    I’m talking about nuclear power reactors located on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean in a known seismically active region.
    In other words, I’m talking about the distinct possibility of America experiencing their very own Fukushima.

  75. Don M says:

    No there aren’t. I live on the west coast and cancer rates are down.

  76. trig1962 says:

    Sure, who told you that, your friendly TV news anchor reading a teleprompter that was typed by someone who was informed by the EPA?

  77. Don M says:

    No, the American Cancer Society

  78. trig1962 says:

    Jannette Sherman, MD found that “children born in AK, CA, HI, OR and WA between one week and 16 weeks after the meltdown began are 28 percent more likely to suffer from congenital hypothyroidism (CH) than were kids born in those states during the same period one year earlier”Their new study — published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics — is entitled “Elevated airborne beta levels in Pacific/West Coast US States and trends in hypothyroidism among newborns after the Fukushima meltdown.”

  79. trig1962 says:

    The rest: “And they published a study in December 2011 in the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Health Services, alleging that 14,000 people had already died in the United States due to Fukushima.
    Scientific American does admit:
    “Certainly radiation from Fukushima is dangerous, and could very well lead to negative health effects—even across the Pacific”.
    Be serious, do you think your government will tell you is there’s an extreme danger?
    The EPA has already raised the upper limits.

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